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One of the most stubbornly perplexing investments couples encounter in their divorce is the 529 Plan. First of all, it might surprise you to learn that 529 plans, named after an IRS code, can be used for just about any purpose imaginable. However, they have significant advantages over other investments when used for college or post-secondary training.The typical investment goal of the plan is college funding, but it can be used for many purposes. Most withdrawals for college and post-secondary expenses are free from income taxation, and all accumulation, or growth, in the plan is exempt from income or capital gains tax, which is known as tax-deferred growth.

All checks should be made payable to SSGA Upromise 529.However, the question that often arises in the case of grandparents funding a 529 plan is in whose name the 529 plan should .Is it better to create the 529 plan with the grandparents as the owner/participant of the 529 plan (with the grandchild as the education beneficiary), or to put the 529 plan in the grandchild’s name outright? The Maximum Contribution Limit is based on the aggregate market value of the account(s) for a designated beneficiary, and not on the aggregate contributions made to the account(s). Accounts that have reached the Maximum Contribution Limit will continue to accrue earnings, although future contributions may not be made to such accounts.

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If I want to establish an AIP or EFT option on my 529 account, what type of bank account can I use? Most mutual fund companies are not members of the ACH network. There is no limit to the number of accounts an account owner or beneficiary may have.

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