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Spurred on by the optimism that the New Year brings, 1 million Britons are expected to get online for a date today - the first day back in the office after the Christmas break.

This time last year saw a 94 per cent increase in people singing up compared to their daily average.'In my experience, selfies on dating sites either involve the guy snapping a quick picture of himself as he loads his profile (no effort made) or stripping off in a desperate attempt to show off his buff body while trying out a moody male model look (far too much effort made).

They should wait to divulge details later.'I prefer it when women wait a bit before revealing too much about their past relationships or children and let us get to know them as an individual first,' says Chris Hines, who met his girlfriend on Plenty Of Fish.'In the end it’s about you as a couple and if you find out that you're suited then the other person will probably be more accepting of the rest.

Too soon though and you might not get the chance to show how awesome you are.

If you choose to post photos, feel free to use the caption feature to explain that that person with you in the photo is your sister/cousin/mother, etc., and not your ex-wife or girlfriend. If you happen to have the cutest kids or pets in the world, that’s awesome, but don’t post pictures of just them; make sure that you’re in the photo as well. It’s great that you have photos from your glory days, but your matches really want to see you in the here and now, so just make sure that you’ve posted recent photos as well. It’s OK to post a photo of you on a recliner eating Cheetos, but your matches will really appreciate seeing you in various settings like the great outdoors.

Imagine waking up to find a Facebook friend request from a guy you don’t know.

As a woman, the immediate reaction is “he’s a creeper!

” In our digital age, Facebook is a bit like our living room.

We have conversations with our friends, post family photos, and share our interests.

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