Itemupdating folder fires twice

Most of the Share Point developer has faced this issue, “Custom event receiver fires twice for Item Updating and Item Updated event in Document Libraries”.

Actually it’s not an issue; this is default behavior of Share Point 2010 Document Libraries.

This works because on the second iteration the file is missing and the script just terminates. Perhaps not a bad hack but I would prefer to understand - just why does even the I've tried many variations, but am unable to duplicate your issue with multiple IN_CLOSE_WRITE firings. The "solution" I have outlined in my original question is keeping me going for now.I monitor the since I felt that it was reasonably fair to assume that for a given file it would only occur once. Even for a very small text file - just one character - created in Nano the event occurs two times.At best this can result in unnecessary traffic when the same file is synchronized on Dropbox two times. firing multiple times, but I realized it was because vim would create a file when editing, which would fire an event when closing.The first time the Item Updating and Item Updated events fire it is in response to the document properties changing.The second time they fire it is in response to the document being checked in.

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