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Being raised in a country that promotes tolerance and acceptance of others, they do not see themselves any ‘different’ to their non-Muslim compatriots.Increasing numbers are rejecting some of the cultural norms on offer, such as arranged marriages and family introductions.Right now they often just say, “Oh I think we get along,” but they don’t know “what you need to know about a person” before you marry him or her.She also notes that families in the Muslim community have wildly different expectations of religious life and marriage so it is important for everyone to be on the same page.She has her own independent life, she chose the man she married and well, she drives. My parents raised me to value education and taught me that it is the only thing I can fall back on if everything else fails.I studied something I love and I’m always involved in community services.

I go to his basketball games, he comes to events I volunteer in. It was frustrating knowing that I have a broad skill set and no outlet.Rudabah Abbass is a freelance writer and producer based in Doha and London.Prior to joining Al Jazeera English, she was a producer for Channel 4 News and CNN. Her work focuses on arts and cultural issues and she has contributed articles to arts magazines in the Far East.That was the first year Pew studied whom Muslims married, and it’s one of the only organizations to do so.Muslims intermarry less often than other faith groups with longer histories in the United States, such as Catholics and Jews, but they do so more often than Hindus (10 percent) and about as often as Mormons (17 percent), according to a 2007 Pew study.

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