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METHODS: This is a retrospective review of all the clients who had polyps diagnosed at colonoscopy over a 12 month period (August 2014 -July 2015) at a private endoscopy suite in Lagos, Nigeria.

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While the latest iteration of the i Phone, i Pad and i Pod operating system looks like living up to Apple’s boast that it has developed its best mobile OS ever, it still has its share of flaws – just like all new software.

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Bless derives from Old English blētsian or blēdsian “to bless” or “to consecrate” from Proto-Germanic *blōþisōną meaning something like “mark with blood”, with the -i- of the suffix fronting the *ō.

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Who could've guessed that the lovably dim-witted Bridget would go on to be one of the biggest TV stars of our generation?

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